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Selling a house? What about your trees?


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I visited a long time client of ours in Upwey this morning who was preparing to sell her house. She told me that she wanted my advice regarding her garden and specifically her trees.

She wanted someone to "tidy up" the trees and make what ws actually a high maintenance garden look a little less daunting to persepctive buyers. I think this strategy is great. People spend lots of money, presenting the inside of the house well, decluttering, cleaning and painting, and they may even go as far as doing the same on the outside.

But what about the trees?! In my experince trees are devisive, people love them or hate them... but most people are not sure of the cost involved to remove or maintain them. Some people might be scared of them but I think most are cautiious about how it may affect their house (thier most expensive asset) and of course the safety of their family.

Tidying up the garden and trees I strongly believe is an essential part of the sales process. Removing...

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