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What is an Arborist? and How the cost of using one can be off set by the long term value that they can provide.


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As an arborist working in both Australia and abroad for nearly 20 years now, I still often feel that there is a misconception amongst the general public that using arborists to carry out tree works, such as tree removal, pruning and the like is more expensive than using "other" tree workers. This has prompted me to write this blog to give a bit more of a definition on what arborists actually are and how the cost of using an arborist can be quickly off set by the long term value that they can provide to you. I will give you a couple of examples below but before I do let’s just clarify exactly what an arborist is.

An Arborist is someone who has successfully completed a formal qualification in Horticulture or Arboriculture. Horticulture is the study of plants and Arboriculture is the study of plants but more specifically trees. After gaining a thorough understanding of how trees grow, how they respond to environmental and cultural changes around them and how they resist pest...

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