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Cypress Canker...Cause for Concern?!?

Dean Meyer

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In the past few years whilst working and driving through greater Melbourne, it has become obvious to me that there is a major issue effecting vast stands of Cyprus species throughout Victoria. Avenues and rows of mature cypress species have seemingly succumbed almost overnight to a disease which is wreaking havoc all across the state. Wind breaks and hedge rows have been decimated by this silent killer. So what is causing this devastation and what can we do about it?

Cypress Canker or Seiridium cardinal is a serious fungal disease of certain exotic conifers. It can attack at least 25 known species of the Cuppressacea family and has been identified in Europe, America and obviously Australia.

The fungus is spread by spores that are often carried to new plants by the wind, water splash, animals and even on the feet of birds. The spores enter the tree through natural fissures in the bark or though wounds created by failing limbs, tree pruning,...

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