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Tree removal permits, and planning schemes.


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In light of recent changes to the Planning Schemes of local councils – specifically involving TREE REMOVAL I thought it was an idea to highlight some of the issues that are likely to arise or already have arisen and maybe flag some concerns I have.

For a long time, I have been hoping to see some consistency across councils and even within specific councils regarding the planning schemes. To say the least they are a mine filed!

Well now I guess I can’t argue that the changes in Whitehorse aren’t consistent.

Every tree over 5 meters with a trunk circumference of 100cm measured at 1 metre above the ground now requires a tree removal permit. There are some exemptions involving dead, dying or dangerous trees, however for the most part the rule is clear and concise.

Firstly, I believe the cost of the permits are excessive. Its $192 for a permit application to remove 1 tree and the same amount again for every tree after that. The council also...

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