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Safe Tree Removal
Tree FX are experienced and extensively trained to carry out any tree removal job safely and efficiently. When planning a tree removal, our first priority is the safety of our staff our clients and the general public. Before any work commences a detailed Job Safety Analysis (JSA) will be carried out by all staff present, to ensure a safe, smooth and effective tree removal job is attained. Clients are welcome to be present for such discussions to ensure a successful outcome. Tree FX has the staff, equipment and training to tackle any tree removal task in any location.

All care will be taken to ensure no damage is done throughout the course of the tree removal. As qualified arborists, tree lovers and garden enthusiasts we also understand the concerns that many of our clients have about their gardens. At Tree FX we know that gardens, trees, and plants and even lawn areas can take many years to establish, so we take all due care to ensure very little if any disturbance is caused to any area around where a tree removal job is taking place. If in the case where disturbance is unavoidable then this will be discussed prior to the commencement of works (usually at the time of the quotation) to ensure an appropriate outcome is achieved. Our client’s expectations are only ever surpassed by our own. We strive to complete all jobs with minimum fuss, to achieve a successful outcome and leave the job site in the same or better condition than how it was when we arrived.

Tree Removal Permits:
Need a tree removed? Is it dying or dangerous, or is it something that keeps you awake at night because your concerned about the risk it poses to your family and property? Are you planning on carrying out a development, or are you wanting to prepare your property for the sometimes-constant threat of bush fires?
Well the truth is that removing a tree on your own property may not be as straight forward as you think.
These days councils have many restrictions governing tree and vegetation removal on your property, and finding the correct information about the rules that apply to your property is often very difficult.

Various overlays such as Vegetation Protection Overlays (VPO), Significant Landscape Overlays (SLO), Heritage Overlays (HO), Environmental Significance Overlays (ESO) and many more have varying laws that impact whether permits are required to remove trees and stumps, and sometimes even to carry out tree pruning. There are also Local Laws that govern trigger points for permit controls, tree species type, land size, tree location, bush fire laws and the list go on and on.

The reality is that trying to navigate through all the different laws is like walking through a mine field. There is no consistency amongst council’s, the information is often broad and can be misinterpreted.

As working arborists, we have found that even the councils can be confused by their own policies and procedures.  So, let us help… next time you are planning tree removal works or pruning, get in contact with us and we will do the leg work for you. Tree FX are experts in the field and can navigate through the red tape to assist you in ensuring that your work is carried out legally, and without headaches.

We can easily identify if trees maybe exempt from permit controls due to species, or location on your property, or if your property falls under Bush Fire Management Overlays (BMO) that allow for vegetation removal. If and when permits are required, we can assist in giving you the correct information for your application and can even expedite the process or even eliminate it completely. Avoid the red tape and the headaches, next time you need help with your tree removal, get in contact with us so our experienced and qualified arborists supported by our excellent and friendly admin team can get the job done right for you.

Tree Pruning:
Tree FX carries out all tree pruning according to the Australian Standard: AS4373-2007 (Pruning of Amenity Trees) All trees are different, and each tree requires a visual tree assessment by a qualified arborist to determine the most appropriate methods of pruning which will in turn achieve the desired result. There are many reasons trees may need pruning, some of which include:

For safety such as removing dead wood or broken hanging branches.

  • Removal of poorly attached branches or stems which may be a high risk of failing in high winds or storms
  • Removal of damaged limbs or areas which could be entry points for pests and disease such as crossed or rubbing branches.
  • Branch or tip pruning to maintain clearances for service lines and buildings.

These are just a few reasons why pruning maybe necessary. Tree FX can give you expert advice on the most appropriate course of action to gain you the result you desire. All tree pruning is carried out by qualified arborists with non-invasive climbing techniques using all the latest equipment. All Tree FX climbers can access and carry out all tree work without the use of climbing spikes. 

Stump Removal
Tree FX can safely and efficiently remove stumps on your property. We have a range of stump grinding machines of all sizes, so we can assist you with any job. If it is part of a complete tree removal job, or an old unwanted stump that’s been laying around for years we can have it removed. 

When carrying out stump removal it is important to have a thorough understanding, of underground services and be able to identify and accurately locate potential problems associated with theses.

It is also to have a sound knowledge of how grinding around retained trees can have a potential impact on tree health and or stability.
Our arborists have the knowledge and understanding to identify all these potential hazards before they become a problem for you. Let our team advise you before commencing stumpr removal works.

Cabling and Bracing

Tree FX can install static and dynamic bracing systems in trees where potential hazards have been identified. Whilst carrying out visual tree inspections our arborist can identify poor stem and branch unions or heavy over extended branches which may have the potential to fail. Installation of a suitable bracing system can prevent failure, and in the unlikely event where failure does occur the brace should hold the branch securely until it can be removed safely without damage to persons or property.

Many things need to be taken into consideration when selecting the appropriate method of bracing or cable to be used as inappropriate techniques, tools or installation could actually do more harm than good. Talk to our arborists today about how bracing could reduce the risks associated with your trees and how this is a great environmentally friendly and often cheaper option of managing your trees on your

Tree Hazard Assessments and Risk Management Strategies:

Tree FX have highly trained arborists that can quickly and easily assess and identify hazards in your trees. Trees are an important and essential part of our urban environment and at Tree FX we can help achieve the balance in which we maintain our trees but also reduce or remove the risks to our safety.

There are often many alternative methods that we can use to manage our trees around our houses and in our gardens. Often these alternatives are considerably cheaper than removing the trees. Things such as cabling and bracing, tree pruning, or simply moving paths or outdoor furniture away from the drop zone of the tree.

At Tree FX we assess not only the trees, but the areas around the trees and then create strategies to remove or reduce the risks posed by the trees to you, your family and your home. Tree FX has numerous schools that we regularly visit to monitor the tree population and continue to assess and mitigate the risks associated with trees on those sites. Tree removal is only one of many options we can explore to reduce the risks to what is an acceptable level of risk for you.


Tree FX have a consulting arborist that can efficiently prepare all reports that you may require. If you require a tree hazard and condition report to assist you with a tree removal application for council, or require tree surveys and audits, detailed tree impact reports for development sites all tree management plans we can assist you with all your consultancy needs..

Equipment List
Tree FX has a vast range of equipment to assist with all jobs and on all different job sites. From large trucks and chippers to a 4wd and small chipper for off road or paddock work. All vehicles are regularly serviced and comply with all necessary OH&S requirements. Tree FX also has stump machines, trailers and a hydraulic wood splitter. Rest assured Tree FX has the right equipment to assist you with your next tree related project, from large tree and stump removal to fine pruning and hedges. 

Fuso Fighter 2011 Fuso Fighter Mulch truck – 16m3 Capacity

  • Hino Dutro 2005 mulch truck. – 10m3 Capacity
  • 3 X Holden Colorado 4wds.
  • 2012 Bandit 990XP 12 inch wood chipper
  • 2007 Chipstar 180 MX 7 inch wood chipper
  • Stump Humper 1800
  • Bandit 2100sp Stump Grinder
  • Timber Wolf hydraulic wood splitter.
  • Avant 535 articulated mini loader
  • Vermeer S800 TX tracked loader
  • 2 X box trailers, 1 tandem.
  • Various chainsaws, hedge trimmers and pruning utensils.
  • GRCS Rigging system.
  • All necessary climbing equipment and rigging gear.