Staff Profiles

Dean Meyer: Owner Operator /Climbing Arborist

Cert IV Horticulture (arboriculture) Melbourne University

Dean has been in the tree industry for over 16 years. Dean has completed his Certificate IV at Melbourne University (Burnley Campus). Dean has been working as a climbing arborist in Australia and Europe contracting to many tree companies over the course of his career. Some of his roles included running the prestigious Royal Parks contract in London, working in such places as, St James’s Park, Parliament Square, Trafalgar Square, and Pall Mall, even carrying out tree removal tasks in the Princess Diana memorial fountain in London’s famous Hyde Park.

Dean spent one year in Norway running tree crews near Oslo, and one cold winter in Vienna Austria where temperatures dropped to below -15 degrees not ideal tree climbing conditions. Dean was also very lucky to be involved in a large tree care project in Hamburg, Germany where a 400 year old Jewish cemetery was being prepared to become a UNESCO world heritage site.

Dean loves trees and the challenges that come with working in them, but even more than that he loves working with other arborists and enjoys working in a team environment. Trees, travelling and people is what he thinks makes artboriculture such a fantastic and exciting industry. Dean has trouble choosing a favourite tree but does particularly like the Eucalyptus melliodora (Yellow Box) and Fagus sylvatica Purpurea (Copper Beech.)

Brent Meyer: Operations manager/Arborist

Cert III Horticulture (arboriculture) Arbortrim

Brent has been working for Tree FX since it was founded in 2011. He has been in the tree industry for about 15 years. After completing his VCE at Vermont Secondary College Brent took a role working in the family tree business founded by Hans Meyer as a ground crew, supporting the climbers, and rigging, as well as maintaining the chainsaws and trucks and chippers.

Brent also worked for other tree companies in Melbourne in a similar role however when Dean founded Tree FX Brent was quick to jump on board and enthusiastically began helping with the big job of setting up the business. 
Brent runs the day to day management of jobs as well as sourcing work and quoting. Over the years Brent has developed many technical rigging skills and has become extremely proficient at large complex tree removal and rigging scenarios.

Ever since he was young Brent loved nature and is an absolute animal lover, in fact it would be not unusual to see Brent picking up snails, spiders or any other creature that may have strayed past the witches hats and into our work site, and safely placing them out of harms way.
Brent shares the mind set of all the boys at Tree FX and would much rather manage the retention of trees than just remove them. After all we can manage individual trees for many years but we can only cut them down once.Although Brent would never plant one in his own back yard his favourite tree is Eucalyptus regnans (Mountain Ash) The sheer size of the trees amazes him, after all they are one of the biggest living things on Earth with the potential to be the biggest.

Liliana Meyer: Owner/Public Relations

Liliana left school in 1992 and went on to gain her chefs apprenticeship; she worked at Lilydale Private Hospital and ran the kitchen. She managed as many as ten staff and became quickly proficient at not only various culinary skills, but people and time management.

After 5 years being a chef Lil wanted a new challenge and took a position as an account manager at Amcor Fibre Packaging where she grew to love and excel at providing great customer service.
In 2007 Liliana and Dean set out on a European adventure that took them both on a 4 year trip around the continent. Working in several jobs including bar managing, painting and decorating and as a recruitment agent, Lil did it whatever it took to support her dream to travel.

In Norway Liliana worked in the landscaping division of two separate companies and assisted with landscape construction of a discontinued Oslo airport, turning the area into a pristine park and wetland reserve.

Liliana was never scared to get her hands dirty, in Hamburg she learnt to become a grounds person, quickly gaining the skills necessary to assist with the climbing arborists as they worked to prepare a 400 year old Jewish cemetery as it was to become a UNESCO world heritage site. Often in pouring rain and ankle deep mud Lil battled through the elements gaining the respect and admiration of all of those around her.

Lil has a great passion for providing a consistently high level of customer satisfaction and goes above and beyond to achieve it. She believes the key to a successful business starts and ends with a happy customer, “Service with a smile is her motto.” She assists Tree FX in numerous roles including, admin and marketing.
Lil loves all trees and all of nature she gives new meaning to term “tree hugger” and she loves spending time on her big tree swing in the back yard.

Geert Brakel: Climbing Arborist

Foundation Degree in Arboriculture University of Worcester UK Geert is an arborist from the UK having achieved his Foundation Degree in Arboriculture at Pershore College as part of the University of Worcester.

He then spent six months with a local tree surgery company in the UK before travelling to New Zealand. Geert spent 2013 working for a large company in Christchurch honing his climbing skills. He had the chance to work any most roles in the company from the private domestic crews to the big tree dismantle crew where all his skills were put to the test on a daily basis.

Geert was also very privileged to be asked to carry out tree pruning tasks in the Christchurch botanical gardens, a role in which he enjoyed immensely. Geert is a friendly approachable member of the team and is more than willing to answer any questions or queries you may have in regards to your trees and the work at hand.

Geert’s favourite tree is Fagus sylvatica ( Beech.)

Bonnie: Mascot/public relations co-ordinator

Bonnie is a Maltese X Shiatsu and is 9 years old. She loves to come in the car and spend time with the boys on the job site. She loves to meet new people, and visit new exciting back yards. Her favourite hobby is sitting in another dogs back yard basking in the sun while they stare longingly out the window wanting to join her. Bonnie’s favourite food is chicken and her favourite tree is the nature strip tree, any variety!!!

Unfortunately not all our clients get to meet Bonnie because on hot days she has to stay at home.