Shaun Tyson 1

Shaun Tyson

Position: Climbing Arborist

Shaun has Cert III in Arboriculture and over 5 years’ experience working in greater Melbourne. A second-generation arborist with a passion for the industry that he loves. Shaun has experience working with large trees such as Victoria’s Mountain Ash which is the largest flowering tree in the world and worked maintaining some of the oldest. Shaun enjoys the responsibility of managing trees that may be alive for many centuries to come.
Shaun prides himself on giving 100% at each and every job. Being an arborist requires and teaches high discipline. It perfects repetitive motion and brings a new experience each day.
He thoroughly enjoys acquiring and sharing his knowledge to identify species and origin; and to scientifically explain tree behaviour.
Favourite tree is Ginkgo bilobal (Ginko tree or maiden hair tree).