Tree Removal Permits

Need a tree removed?

Is it dead, dying or dangerous?

Is it something that keeps you awake at night because you are concerned about the risk it poses to your family and property?

Are you planning on carrying out a development or wanting to prepare your property for the sometimes-constant threat of bush fires?

Well the truth is that removing a tree on your own property may not be as straight forward as you think.

These days councils have many restrictions governing tree and vegetation removal on your property, and finding the correct information about the rules that apply to your property is often very difficult.

Various overlays such as Vegetation Protection Overlays (VPO), Significant Landscape Overlays (SLO), Heritage Overlays (HO), Environmental Significance Overlays (ESO) and many more have varying laws that impact whether permits are required to remove trees and stumps, and sometimes even to carry out tree pruning. There are also local laws that govern trigger points for permit controls, tree species type, land size, tree location, bush fire laws and the list go on and on.

The reality is that trying to navigate through all the different laws is like walking through a mine field. There is no consistency amongst different  councils and the information is often broad and can easily be misinterpreted.

As working arborists we can easily identify if trees may be exempt from permit controls due to species, or location on your property, or if your property falls under Bush Fire Management Overlays (BMO) that allow for vegetation removal. If and when permits are required, we can assist in giving you the correct information for your application.

Next time you need a tree removed avoid the red tape and the headaches - get in contact with Tree FX so our experienced and qualified arborists supported by our excellent and friendly admin team help you with this process.