Environmental Awareness

At Tree FX- Quality Tree Management we are very aware that we are on the cutting edge of environmental change. Our work is directly impacting the local environment and because of this we take our responsibility to ensure its long-term viability very seriously.

Some of the initiatives that we have implemented include the following:

Paperless office systems: Over the years our administration systems have been converted to incorporate as much electronic and cloud-based information collection as we possibly can. All our quotes and invoices are sent via email. We also run a job management system that is completely cloud based so there is no need for paper “job sheets “or “work sheets”.

Safety documents and record keeping: All our JSA’s (Job Site Safety Assessments) are done on laminated reusable sheets and then photographed and saved in the cloud. All SWMS (Safe Work Method Statements) and insurance certificate of currencies are all recorded electronically.

We encourage the retention of all trees where possible and actively encourage the retention of habitat. It often takes some smart thinking to be able to reduce the risk of trees around our homes whilst retaining them. This saves trees from being cut down unnecessarily, and can also save you - the customer, money! We feel that is a true “win-win” outcome. Good for you and good for the environment.

Tree FX has a direct relationship with one of Australia’s leading re-forestation and biodiversity offset developers ‘Carbon Neutral’. Each year Tree FX is committed to planting at the very least 189 trees through this initiative to offset at least some of our carbon footprint. We also attend Planet Arks annual Tree Planting day which plants trees in our local areas to combat climate change and our environmental impacts.

In addition to this we have fully documented Environmental Policies and have regular toolbox talks within our team to discuss ways that we can continue to minimise our impact.

Figure 1. Pruning a 100+ Year Old Oak tree that has significant habitat value with large hollows.