Tree Pruning

Tree FX carries out all tree pruning according to the Australian Standard: AS4373-2007 (Pruning of Amenity Trees). All trees are different, and each tree requires a visual tree assessment by a qualified arborist to determine the most appropriate methods of pruning to achieve the desired result. There are many reasons trees may need pruning, some of which include:

  • Safety such as removing dead wood or broken hanging branches.
  • Removal of poorly attached branches or stems which may be a high risk of failing in high winds or storms
  • Removal of damaged limbs or areas which could be entry points for pests and disease such as crossed or rubbing branches.
  • Branch or tip pruning to maintain clearances for service lines and buildings.

These are just a few reasons why pruning maybe necessary. Tree FX can give you expert advice on the most appropriate course of action to gain your desired result.. All tree pruning is carried out by qualified arborists with non-invasive climbing techniques, using all the latest equipment. All Tree FX climbers can access and carry out all tree work without the use of climbing spikes.