Tree Hazard Assessments and Risk Management Strategies

Tree FX have highly trained arborists that can quickly and easily assess and identify hazards in your trees. Trees are an important and essential part of our urban environment and at Tree FX we can help achieve the balance in which we maintain our trees but also reduce and/or remove the risks to our safety.

There are often many alternative methods that we can use to manage our trees around our houses and in our gardens. Often these alternatives are considerably cheaper than removing the trees. Things such as cabling and bracing, tree pruning, or simply moving paths or outdoor furniture away from the drop zone of the tree.

At Tree FX we assess not only the trees, but the areas surrounding the trees and then create strategies to remove and/or reduce the risks posed by the trees to you, your family and your home. Tree FX has numerous schools that we regularly visit to monitor the tree population and continue to assess and mitigate the risks associated with trees on those sites. Tree removal is only one of many options we can explore to reduce the risks to what is an acceptable level of risk for you.