Terms & Conditions

Tree FX Terms and Conditions

Upon acceptance of our quote you agree to all Tree FX Terms and Conditions as outlined on the following pages and on our website.
All works will be carried out safely and professionally by fully qualified and/or appropriately trained staff.
All works undertaken are in accordance with the Australian Standards and relevant local authority by-laws.


Tree FX is fully insured. Copies of relevant documentation can be presented on request. By accepting this quote the customer (you) forms a contract with Tree FX and accepts the following terms and conditions. Certificate of currency – Tree FX is covered by its insurers on public roads and public liability to $20 million. A copy of the certificate of currency will be emailed to you with your quote for your records.

Council Permission & Permits

It is our policy to undertake due diligence to check with local councils regarding permission and permit requirements where necessary.

Property owners are responsible for providing, to our satisfaction, council evidence of permission, permits or exemptions for tree pruning and tree removal in writing with accompanying documentation as required.

Tree FX reserves the right to withdraw from any contract where appropriate documentation is not provided or where misleading or incorrect information has been provided.

Site Conditions & Access

This contract is based on site conditions being as at the time of quoting, or as specified in the quote.

Any alterations that affect access or the ability to complete the contract in the estimated time frame may result in re-quoting the works and forming a new contract or covering costs of delayed or altered work and time frames.

The customer will permit Tree FX and its contractors easy & full access to the site at the time that is required to carry out such works.

The customer is responsible for keeping the site free & clear of people and animals during the works.

Underground Services

You as the customer are responsible for ensuring accurate information of underground services, including (but not limited to) gas, water, electrical pipes, sprinkler and irrigation systems is provided to Tree FX prior to commencement of works.

If this information is not made available to Tree FX or is inaccurate, and underground services are damaged in any way whether by digging, stump grinding, tree works, vehicles accessing sites or by any other means, the cost of any repairs and organisation of repairers will be incurred by and managed by the owner/manager of the site.

Stump Grinding

To carrying out stump removal it is important to have a thorough understanding of underground services and be able to identify and accurately locate potential problems associated with these (see above – “Underground Services”).

Standard practice is stumps are ground to minimum 300mm below ground level (where services allow), ready for replanting.

Tree FX engage several reputable contractors to undertake these works. Sometimes this work can be carried out on the same day and at other times a second visit may be required.

Please note: after a stump is ground, a pile of wood debris and soil mix remains on site.

Stump Poisoning

Where you choose not to grind the stump or we are unable to due to access or stump location, you can choose to poison the stump – Tree FX will apply one coat of poison to the stump at the conclusion of the tree removal.

Please note, sometimes more than one application is required to prevent re-shooting therefore no guarantees can be made.

Should reshooting occur re-poisoning is the responsibility of the client.

Change of Scope

If the scope of works changes due to unforeseen circumstances, for example habitat, wildlife, bees, we reserve the right to adjust the quote or change the scope of works undertaken.

If the scope of works changes due to unforeseen circumstances, for example habitat, wildlife, bees, we reserve the right to adjust the quote or change the scope of works undertaken.

Additional Work Requests

Additional work requested by you (not in the original contract) will be done at the discretion of the crew on the day and added to the invoice for the original contracted work.

If it fits within our schedule, the crew will give you an estimate and adjust the contract and you will sign for any adjustments.

Some requests may not be possible on the day due to tree permit requirements.

Payment Terms & Methods

Payment is due within 1 day of completion of the works (unless prior arrangements have been made with Management).

Payment methods: Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)*, Direct Deposit at a Commonwealth Bank Branch* and credit card**.

* EFT and DIRECT DEPOSIT – Please include your quote number as the reference.

**CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS – incur bank fees of 1.72% of the invoice total.

***CHEQUES – Tree FX no longer accept cheque payment.

The customer will receive an invoice upon completion of works, due within 1 day.


If the quote is intended for a third party, please ensure all details on the quote are correct, – including name, company name and address.

If the invoice is to be split between parties, please ensure all details are provided to the office upon acceptance of the quote, along with clear invoicing instructions.

Any changes made after the invoice has been issued may incur an administration fee of $55.00.

Late Payment Penalties

Payments not received by Tree FX within 1 days of invoice date may attract a late payment fee.

If payment for the contract including the late payment fee is not received within 14 days, unless discussed otherwise with Management, the account will be referred to a collection agency or lodgement for VCAT to have the matter heard.

All additional costs and fees involved in the collection will be added to the original contract price and be payable by you.