Pest and Disease Control

With over 20 years’ experience assessing trees, our arborists can assist you with the correct identification of tree pests and diseases and prepare cost-effective preventative management plans to promote the health of your trees.

Timely diagnosis of pest and disease issues can assist in implementing treatments that can counter the sometimes-devastating effect of hundreds of issues that are often not even visible to the eye.

Large pests such as possums, flying foxes, birds or rats can damage foliage, fruit and bark, leaving your trees stressed and susceptible to attack from other pests and disease. (insert link to blog post)

Small insects such as Elm Leaf beetle (both larvae and adult beetle) can have devastating effects on elms, as well as the Lilly Pilly beetle and many more. Find out more about Elm Leaf Beetle Treatment.

Borers can quickly devastate Acacias and Eucalypt species to name a few and the Saw Fly Moth (pictured below) can strip the leaves off callistemon species almost overnight.

We are also skilled in assessing Fungal infestation and have the resources to carry out thorough internal investigations of trees (where required) to assess the severity internal decay and hollows in trees, that may lead to limb, stem or complete tree failures.

The best defence is a healthy tree. So, at Tree FX we are always providing invaluable advice to our clients on how to promote healthy and happy trees.