Josh McLeod 1

Josh McLeod

Position: Estimator / Climbing Arborist

Certificate III in Arboriculture

Josh started in the industry working for a specialist crew predominately working on large trees in the Dandenong Ranges, as well as in some spectacular private gardens. He made the jump to a company with council contracts in parks and street tree management.
Before starting with Tree FX, he had the privilege of working on the horticulture and arboriculture crews at Springvale Botanic Cemetery, learning a lot about specialised tree care in historic and unique gardens.

As trees are the largest and longest living organisms in the world and are an integral part of our environment, he believes working with trees in the urban landscape offers a unique and fulfilling challenge. His job as an arborist is to promote and maintain healthy populations of trees that benefit people as much as the environment, providing people with a sense of security and personal connection with one of our most vital natural resources.

Josh doesn’t have just one favourite tree, his favourites include Giant Sequoia, Silver Princess Gum, and any kind of Maple.