DECIDUOUS TREE PRUNING – When is the right time?!?

Hello Everybody,


In light of many of our customers last year contacting us too late in the season to arrange tree pruning to be done on their deciduous trees, we have set up a courtesy reminder system for you our valued clients.

– DECIDUOUS TREE PRUNING – When is the right time?!?

The best time to prune your deciduous trees is in late autumn or early to mid-winter. This is the time when the tree goes into a period of “dormancy” after they have dropped all of their leaves. Pruning carried out in this period has minimal impact on tree health.

The worst time to prune is late winter, early spring, when trees are coming out of the dormant period and becoming very active as they prepare to go into bud burst. This means we have a small window of opportunity to act. So don’t wait act now!

Are my trees deciduous? You may ask…

Deciduous trees are the trees that drop their leaves in Autumn every year, after they turn into the fantastic bright Autumn colours they will then shed their leaves and become dormant through the winter period.

Different species and even individual trees within the same species can have varying times and lengths of dormancy, as a general rule when the trees have lost all there leaves we can safely carry out our pruning tasks knowing we are not interrupting essential tree functions.

*** It is worth noting however dead branches or hazardous limbs can be removed at any time of the year, or if the necessary pruning work is of a minor nature***

If you have a deciduous tree and you would like to arrange for an assessment by one of our experienced qualified arborists, then please book in a time in the following weeks or schedule with us another reminder so that we can visit you and your tree and assess, design and implement an appropriate tree management plan for your deciduous trees before it’s too late.

If you are unsure if you have a deciduous tree or if you have any questions regarding any of this information or any questions about any of your trees please don’t hesitate to contact us now and speak with one of our qualified staff. We are here to help and we very much look forward to speaking with you soon!