5 Ways to Give Your Garden a Little Love this Winter

It can be hard to stay motivated as the cold weather hits, but there are still plenty of things we can get done around the yard to help us feel productive and cosy during the Winter months. Here are some of Tree FX’s tips on how to give a little TLC to your garden this … Read more

How to find an arborist that’s right for you.

Did you know that the tree industry is a completely unregulated industry? This means that anyojne with a chainsaw and a ladder could start a tree business. There is actually no regualtion that such a person would need any formal training, they would not need insurance, or to even know the first thing about a … Read more

Management of Large Pests in Trees

A client recently asked me “how to keep the cockatoos out of her tree?” So the following Blog gives some ideas for you however, the reality is it won’t be easy!. Pests such as cockatoos and Flying Foxes can be very difficult to manage, for the obvious reason that they have wings. Cockatoos and other … Read more

Selling a house? What about your trees?

I visited a long time client of ours in Upwey this morning who was preparing to sell her house. She told me that she wanted my advice regarding her garden and specifically her trees. She wanted someone to “tidy up” the trees and make what was actually a high maintenance garden look a little less … Read more

Tree removal permits, and planning schemes.

In light of recent changes to the Planning Schemes of local councils – specifically involving TREE REMOVAL I thought it was an idea to highlight some of the issues that are likely to arise or already have arisen and maybe flag some concerns I have. For a long time, I have been hoping to see … Read more

Tree removal permits… let us help you avoid the headaches!

Need a tree removed? Is it dying or dangerous, or is it something that keeps you awake at night because your concerned about the risk it poses to your family and property? Are you planning or carrying out a development, or are you wanting to prepare your property for the sometimes constant threat of bush … Read more

The benefits of mulching your trees

Every day I go out and meet with people to assess their trees and provide advice on their health and safety;  and I constantly find myself talking about the same things over and over, and the thing that I talk about to people the most is the benefits of mulching their trees and garden. The … Read more

Swing into Spring

The sun is out (finally) so its time to… Swing into Spring….. with these Tree Safety Tips… Historically Spring has brought with it strong winds in Melbourne, make sure you down get blown away this Spring with our list of: 5 Tree Safety Tips! Assess your trees at home to see if you notice any … Read more