5 Ways to Give Your Garden a Little Love this Winter

It can be hard to stay motivated as the cold weather hits, but there are still plenty of things we can get done around the yard to help us feel productive and cosy during the Winter months. Here are some of Tree FX’s tips on how to give a little TLC to your garden this Winter – Tip Number 4 is particularly important and you may not have thought to consider it!

1. Get some sun, son!

As the clouds roll in and the days get shorter, you might find yourself longing for sunnier times. Humans need sunlight as much as our plants do, to keep us warm and lift our spirits when skies are grey. Why wait for Spring to feel that warm glow again? Our team of professional arborists have all kinds of tricks to help brighten your days! Perhaps some heavy branches are smothering your deck? Or they’re blocking those golden rays from reaching your bedroom window? We can help bring the sunshine back to your home while ensuring your trees stay in good health.

2. Not Everything Sleeps in Winter…

With all those bare branches opening up views through your garden, you might start noticing all the weeds that have been happily hiding amongst the canopies. Woody, evergreen weeds that laugh in the face of the Winter cold and taunt you with their lush green foliage – all while your beloved roses are struggling to grow at all. Well now is a good time to cut those suckers out and give your garden the room it needs to breathe come Spring!

3. Redecorating!

Tip number 2 leads us to our next suggestion: repositioning struggling plants. What better time is there than when things are dormant, and the earth is soft? Maybe there’s a plant that just hasn’t been doing well enough where it is. You could consider moving it to a better location, or having it cut out altogether and replanting with something more suitable. Your back will thank you when it’s shovelling soft Winter soil, or you could just pay a professional to do the hard work for you while you enjoy a hot cup of tea…

4. “Hmm, didn’t see that before…”

With deciduous plants shedding their leaves, now is a good time to have your trees inspected for faults that may have been hiding just out of sight. Broken or hanging branches, splits, crossing limbs and deadwood may be easier to spot now that the tree is bare – and don’t worry, our eagle-eyed arborists can tell the dead branches from the live ones even without leaves to guide them!

5. We have mulch to discuss!

There’s nothing better than rugging up under a nice warm blanket as the frost settles in. Why not treat your trees to the same cosy comfort? Mulch is a great insulator to protect against frost and helps reintroduce nutrients into your soil as it breaks down. There are many benefits to mulching your trees and gardens – enough to warrant a Top 5 list of its own! – and the beauty of getting tree work done is that you can keep the mulch we make at the end of the job. It beats paying a garden centre for it!

So that’s all we have, folks! Thanks for reading. Call Tree FX now for a free quote. We also offer more detailed consultation services and reports available through our sister company Evergreen Tree Consulting.